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Welcome to Bilit Rainforest Lodge.

Bilit Rainforest Lodge offers the best rainforest experience by being a world-leading eco-lodge in the tropical region. Built largely from local-hardwood material, the lodge is designed to allow visitors experience the best of the unique local nature. Amidst the enfolding wildlife of flora and fauna, the lodge most importantly provides visitors a clean, safe and lovely environment to make your stay here a remarkable one.

The sanctuary, an hour’s drive (38 km) through the gravel roads and jeep tracks of plantation estates from Sandakan Airport, is located in a private mangrove forest reserve along the coastal land near Kampung Samawang in Labuk Bay.

At Labuk Bay Sanctuary, visitors can have an excellent view of these endemic monkeys in their natural habitat from an observation platform fronting the feeding area. Regular feeding times are at 11:30 am or 2:30 pm.

About Proboscis Monkeys
Found only in Borneo, the proboscis monkey is one of the most peculiar and bizarre animal in the world. The male proboscis has a huge and long pendulous nose and a distinctive pot belly. The female proboscis is relatively smaller (half the size of the male) and has a dainty snub nose. They are by nature very cautious of humans and are easily frightened away.